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About Healing Fibers

by Bayda Asbridge, Founder

As far back as I can remember, I have always had a strong feeling of fairness and empathy toward others. Being Syrian-American and anti-organized religion, there are many subjects for my art to address. But what I noticed is that many galleries are reluctant in displaying political art; it doesn’t really "sell". This can be very discouraging! 


Artists are channeled to produce aesthetic art rather than discuss what is troubling to them. I had the urge to reach out to other artists, I wanted to create a positive change in our society by bringing awareness without preaching. 


Thus, to give similarly minded artists a platform, I decided to curate an annual art exhibit called Healing Fibers. Every year the theme varies. In 2014 the exhibit addressed violence against women; in 2015 it addressed war & peace; in 2016 it addressed child abuse; 2017 was about indigenous and Native American art. The 2018 exhibit addressed the crisis of healthcare in the US. In 2019, the exhibit focused on immigration and refugee status. In 2020, the call is open to all artists to address any social justice issue of their choice.


The exhibit is an eventful month of art, speakers, performing arts and a hub for the community to address political and social issues through art. Now, I am delighted that there is greater awareness and more calls to artists to address our socio-political environment. 


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